new release of with docs and perf improvements.

José Antonio Rey jose at
Wed Nov 26 01:13:39 UTC 2014


Does this release will be able to support localized docs? If so, I would
love to start working on translating the docs to Spanish.

On 11/25/2014 08:11 PM, Rick Harding wrote:
> The full blog post is
> here:
> The big thing is that we've gotten out first big iteration of the new
> site out the door which includes a number of performance improvements
> and the big thing to note is that the site is now ingesting the Juju
> docs ( We'll be working with folks to
> update links to the new site. The urls should be consistent just with
> the different domain name.
> Currently they auto ingest and update every 15min, like charms/bundles,
> and are rebuilt. We've talked with the docs team about making sure we
> can support their upcoming work towards versioned docs and we'll also be
> working with UX on an experience for the start of a 'global juju search'
> that includes the charm/bundle data as well as docs and any other
> content as we move the new home site of Juju forward.
> Please make sure to try it out and file bugs
> at
> I want to thank the team for their hard work on this update!
> --                                                                      
> Rick Harding
> Juju UI Engineering
> @mitechie

José Antonio Rey

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