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Sameer Zeidat sameerz at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 22 06:36:47 UTC 2014

Thank you. I'll give copying a try. And no there's no urgent need for it. It's just that I'm testing some locally developed charms on utopic and thought it'd be nice if I can see them in a gui. Nothing serious :-)
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On Sat, 22 Nov 2014, Sameer Zeidat wrote:

>  Hello,
> How do I deploy juju-gui on Ubuntu 14.10 (stable or otherwise)? I get charm not found cs:utopic/juju-gui.
> Setting 'juju-gui-source' to 'develop' didn't help.
> Thank you,Sameer

At the moment the only way to use the charm on utopic is to use it as a
local charm. I copied the trusty charm and deployed it on utopic on ec2
successfully and verified that it works. It's not currently part of our
supported charms. We've not really talked about it, but currently we supply
supported charms for precise and trusty.

Actually, I started to look at pushing up a non-official branch for your
use to utopic, but there's not currently a series for charms for utopic.

So I guess the bigger question is what are you up to? Are you running a
juju environment based on utopic? Are they all other local charms?


Rick Harding

Juju UI Engineering

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