machine state stuck at "pending"

Nate Finch nate.finch at
Sat Nov 15 19:34:49 UTC 2014

Definitely the low 1.20.x releases had a couple issues especially with
containers. These were all fixed later, as Mark mentioned.  Hopefully
that'll solve your problems.
On Nov 15, 2014 1:02 PM, "Mark Shuttleworth" <mark at> wrote:

> On 14/11/14 02:39, Sameer Zeidat wrote:
> >  Hello,
> > I'm running juju 1.20.1 on a test maas cluster. Every now and then when
> I run juju add-machine the machine gets stuck at "pending" state
> (permanently). Maas shows status as "Failed deployment".
> > Is there a way to force machine state to error so I can
> retry-provisioning on it? I don't want to destroy it as I have some service
> deployment scripts that rely on machine number (using --to # deployment
> option).
> > Appreciating your help.
> >
> Hi Sameer
> A range of those 'pending' container issues were fixed during the set of
> releases from 1.20.1 to 1.20.11. I think it would be worth your updating
> to the latest 1.20 release. If you're on Ubuntu, add this to your
> /etc/apt/sources.list:
>    deb trusty main
> That should give you 1.20.11.
> Let us know if you still see any issues with containers getting stuck on
> the way up. Also, it's a great idea to be able to nuke-and-retry in the
> event that this does happen, I'll find out if we have a nice way to add
> that regardless (a stuck container might happen thanks to cosmic rays,
> we should have an escape mechanism). Ideally, Juju should detect the
> issue and nuke the container, trying again on your behalf.
> Mark
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