Updated Openstack charms broke our HA

John McEleney john.mceleney at netservers.co.uk
Tue Nov 11 10:28:22 UTC 2014

Hi Mark,

I can't think of many other companies or communities where you're likely 
to get a response from a founder. It's very reassuring. Thank for the 
redirect to the charmers team. I'll follow up there.

These changes to the charms are obviously part of a wider plan to mature 
the Juju charms, and presumably to support a broader range of deployment 
scenarios. I've been Googling around, and I can't find any documentation 
that explains where these charms are headed.

For instance, for HA the updated charms now support multiple vips, but 
those multiple vips must be bound to multiple NICs. These multiple NICs 
must exist inside an LXC container that Juju has instantiated. Where is 
the documentation that describes how one creates such an LXC container? 
Presumably the host system must provide multiple bridges for the LXC 
container to attach to, and juju has to reconcile available networks (on 
the host) with required networks, but I don't see this documented anywhere.

 From the perspective of someone using the charms, these changes seem to 
have come out of the blue, and the built-in Charm documentation (readme, 
config etc.) doesn't provide an overview of how this new multi-NIC HA is 
supposed to work.

Maybe it's just bad Google-fu on my part that I can't find the answers. 
Where should I go to find answers to these questions?


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