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José Antonio Rey jose at
Sat Nov 8 13:39:20 UTC 2014

Hey David!

In order to run tests, we use bundletester. You can find more
information about it here:

If you have any questions about install/usage, just ping me on IRC or
shoot another email, I'm jose on freenode.

On 11/08/2014 01:27 AM, David Britton wrote:
> Hi --
> This week, I reviewed a test charm addition from Matt and a version bump
> charm from Charles (which needed information).
> In reviewing the new apache2 test, I found once annoyance.  `juju test`
> bootstraps and tears down between each step, and with all these new
> tests added en masse there seems to be a practice emerging of using a
> '00_setup' script to install dependencies.  This in effect inserts an
> extra bootstrap unnecessarily into the test process.
> @Marco or others -- thoughts about putting an exception or machinery in
> to get rid of this? 
> I was going to go through a lot of these other additions basic test
> additions, but wanted to get the question out there before I did.
> In other charm related activity, I also worked on getting real bundles
> created for the Landscape charm (submitted into the ~landscape namespace
> as of now), will get them further cleaned up next week and submitted for
> review.
> Thanks!
> -- 
> David Britton <david.britton at
> <mailto:david.britton at>>

José Antonio Rey

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