Migrating the python-django charm to Ansible

Patrick Hetu patrick.hetu at gmail.com
Wed Nov 5 17:22:10 UTC 2014

Since the last UDS, I'm trying to make the python-django charm evolve
to use Ansible for is various tasks instead of using pure Python scripts.

My previous attempt:


had some problems so I decided to restart from scratch here (work in


Based on the following observations.

Use roles that are not specific to Juju

If you look at an Ansible role you will probably found a file
defaults/main.yml or vars/main.yml. For me it was stunning how close
those are to a charm configuration file.

So why not grab this opportunity to use the same file
(minus the charm name at the top [1]) with both Juju and Ansible
and make Juju use the same roles that Ansible community are using by
shims in the charm playbook.

[1] Using a configuration file without that charm name at the top
was working in the past but now doesn't. Maybe this could be
re-enable without to much negative impact.

Couple the playbook with Juju with a shim

To get the playbook to work with an external role we could use
a shim file that translate Juju's dynamic configuration
and relation data to roles variables.

I was thinking using a shim imported in the pre_tasks section of
the charm's playbook that runs on all tags.
(see: https://github.com/ansible/ansible/issues/3157)

The shim would do things like:

* Translating Juju variable to role variable
* Sanitize variable like: unit_name, relation_name, etc
* Ensure backward compatiblity

Then using tags to dispatch based on the current relation
to the corresponding roles.

Build role for re-usability

This have the potential to solve the problem of repetition of some
high level tasks in other charm.
Like adding ppa, fetching source code, adding ssl certificate,
configuring backup, etc

A little bit like what charmhelper is doing right now.

I might not be clear so don't be afraid to ask clarification.
I'm looking forward to receive your feedbacks

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