New trusty charms

Matt Bruzek matthew.bruzek at
Mon Nov 3 14:29:22 UTC 2014

I was working in the review queue last week on moving some precise charms
to trusty.  For the trusty series we have the requirement for tests and the
Eco team worked hard to add tests to many precise charms.  If you know of a
precise charm without tests, adding tests (that must pass) into trusty
would be a way you can contribute to the Juju Ecosystem.

Here are the charms I looked at last week:

varnish - - landed in trusty
vsftpd - - landed in trusty
apache2 - - landed in trusty
statusnet - - landed in
python-moinmoin - - landed
in trusty

Thanks to the authors who took the time to write these tests Tim
Vansteenburgh, Kevin Monroe and Charles Butler!

- Matt Bruzek <matthew.bruzek at>
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