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Antonio Rosales antonio.rosales at canonical.com
Mon Jun 2 19:19:08 UTC 2014

Ubuntu and Juju have been ported to IBM's Power8 Little Endian
hardware. Juju being the masterfully slick way to orchestrate services
 on scale-out infrastructure, such as those provided by Power8, has
been selected as a finalist in the IBM App Throwdown at the IBM
Innovate Conference.

Feel free to browse the finalist selections[0], and vote for your
favorite. I'll be in Orlando at the Innovate conference demo'ing Juju
if any folks would like to learn more about Juju on Power8.

Fyi, voting ends Tuesday (June 3) Morning (8am Pacific) and if you can
cast your vote by tweeting something like:

I vote for @ubuntucloud #IBMInnovateApp http://ibmappthrowdown.tumblr.com

Insert the appropriate twitter handle of the finalist you want to vote for.

[0] http://ibmappthrowdown.tumblr.com/

Antonio Rosales
Juju Ecosystem

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