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Richard Harding rick.harding at canonical.com
Tue Jul 22 19:16:48 UTC 2014

On Tue, 22 Jul 2014, Adewole Ogunyadeka wrote:

> I cant seem to get the juju-gui working even after exposing it.
> I type in the address on the browser ( and it doesnt
> connect. It was installed on the same node that has the MAAS

Hello Adewole, sorry you're having issues. When you say it doesn't connect,
do you get the normal GUI loading screen as it attempts to connect to the
Juju environment? Or do you mean you don't get any html from the deployed
Juju GUI at all? You mentioned that you installed it on the same node that
has MAAS, is this the maas controller? If so, I wonder if you're having
conflicting applications attempting to serve out content on port 80 and
443. The GUI isn't constructed to work alongside another application that
is also on those ports.

Please let me know some more information and hopefully we can help get you
up and running quickly.


Rick Harding

Juju UI Engineering

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