Noob question on environment / container OS

John Meinel john at
Wed Jul 16 05:34:49 UTC 2014


> 1. Is it correct to say that each machine created by juju in the
> environment is basically an Ubuntu OS (most likely 14.04)?

There is work being done now to enable alternative platforms for deployment
(IIRC both Windows and CentOS support is currently under development).
However, for the time being you would want to target an Ubuntu release. As
others have mentioned, both Precise and Trusty are widely available. I
believe there is also support for Utopic, though I'm not sure if those will
get published in the official charm store. (You can have a local repository
and deploy from there, though.

> 2. If that's the case, then
>   a. Does it mean that the commands executed in hooks, say, a basic bash
> script that installs a particular software package, needs to be compatible
> with Ubuntu OS? (e.g. use of "apt-get" and not "yum")
>   b. It could be challenging to install older version of any package (say
> Apache 2.2 series) that is not available in 14.04 repository. In such
> cases, instead of "apt-get install", it will have to be compiled and built
> after downloading the source code, and the dependencies need to be resolved
> manually too - is this correct?
> If this is mentioned somewhere in the documentation, please point me to
> it.
As others have mentioned, this is possible, but I wouldn't consider it a
"best practice".
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