access environment.yaml data from the hooks

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Fri Jul 11 11:34:35 UTC 2014

On 7/11/14, 1:21 PM, "Mark Shuttleworth" <mark at> wrote:

>On 11/07/14 09:44, Tudor Rogoz wrote:
>> Is it possible to access the juju environment properties directly from
>>the hooks?
>> More precisely, I want to have access to the AWS credentials (defined
>>in the environments.yaml file) directly from the hooks, is this
>>possible? I can workaround the situation, by defining specific config
>>properties  and duplicate the information there and this way I can get
>>the data by calling 'config-get' function.But I'm just thinking if maybe
>>it would be a cleaner way to achieve this.Ideas?
>A key concern with this would be data security: if any charm hook can
>see these credentials, then you'd have to trust every charm not to abuse
>Imagine you find a really useful charm online. The beauty of Juju is
>that you can pretty much just reuse it without having to peek inside too
>much. You'll know what it sees because it sees what it manages, but if
>it could also see your cloud credentials...
>If what you want to achieve is the ability for a service to do things
>like scale out or deploy other services, then I think this can be
>achieved by having your charm talk to the state server (which knows
>those credentials) and having that act on its behalf. Would that help
>your use case?

Yes, it makes sense, thanks for the info.
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