Poor performance on Juju local with lxc containers.

Sebastian sebas5384 at gmail.com
Wed Jul 9 05:40:06 UTC 2014

Hey there!

After I did the Drupal charm, part of my plan was that the developers now
can use the juju-local with lxc containers to deploy every project
environment using bundles.

But! we notice a BIG difference of performance in the containers, so we run
a PHP benchmarking script <http://www.php-benchmark-script.com>:

Host (vbox):
*vagrant at vagrant-ubuntu-trusty-64:~$* php bench.php
test_math                 : 3.190 sec.
test_stringmanipulation   : 2.859 sec.
test_loops                : 1.702 sec.
test_ifelse               : 1.319 sec.
Total time:               : *9.07 sec.*

Lxc container (into the vbox):
*ubuntu at vagrant-local-machine-4:~$* php bench.php
test_math                 : 37.062 sec.
test_stringmanipulation   : 30.826 sec.
test_loops                : 5.749 sec.
test_ifelse               : 6.149 sec.
Total time:               : *79.786 sec.*

As you can see, the containers created by Juju took 70 seconds more than
the host.
The versions of the php where the same, and this was also tested in bare
metal, to ensure that the virtualization of the host wasn't the issue.

We understand how this impact the implementation of Juju as a complete
solution for devs and ops. Is not everyone that can buy a super computer to
virtualize each charm, in his local notebook. So that's why I'm here,
telling our story.

Maybe this is an issue that belongs to the LXC group, but I thought
interesting to share this.

If someone can do the same benchmarkings and share the results, or any help
to make things better, please!! it's more than welcome.

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