Best practice to continuously integrate application updates

Matt Bruzek matthew.bruzek at
Thu Jul 3 14:02:23 UTC 2014

Hello Denis,

After speaking with a colleague and some further reflection on this
question I am going to retract my earlier statement and offer a different
best practice for this situation.

The upgrade-charm hook is best used for when the charm code changes. Such
as if a new relationship was added, or there is a new interface.
Essentially use upgrade-charm when the charm code changes, not the
underlying application code.

Instead consider adding the logic to update your web application to the
config-changed hook. You could add a configuration option that is a URI to
tell the charm where to get the web application code. This configuration
option could contain a URI to a source control repository such as Bazaar or
Github, or a directory on your computer. Users could easily change the URI
when the web app is updated, and the config-changed hook can download the
code and update it.

 Here are a few examples of how you could update the charm code using a URI:

juju set mywebapp source=”lp:~mbruzek/java/webappname/trunk”

juju set mywebapp source=”git at”

juju set mywebapp source=””

 This option would allow the web application code to be updated when ever
the source configuration option changes.

I do not have a good example of this pattern at the moment. If you have any
questions about this pattern please let me know. You can email me directly
at matthew.bruzek at or find me on IRC mbruzek in #juju on

On Tue, Jul 1, 2014 at 9:44 PM, Denis Weerasiri <ddweerasiri at>

> Hi,
> Support I have written a charm to deploy a web application on top of
> tomcat. And now I need to redeploy the web application when I update the
> source repository of the web application. What is the best practice to do
> this?
> What I have in mind is to write a new version of charm and use
> charm-update command. So juju will re-deploy the web application.
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> Thanks,
> Denis Weerasiri
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