Preparing for bundles

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Tue Feb 25 21:07:46 UTC 2014

Hi everyone,

If you haven't noticed, we can't stop talking about bundles and how
great they are. There's been a bunch of work to make it trivially easy
to deploy an entire set of charms in one go. So today you can export
an entire deployment from the GUI, mail it to a friend, and they can
just drag and drop it into their GUI, or you can publish it, or you
can use juju quickstart to deploy a bundle.

I've been working on updating the user-facing docs:

On thing I've been trying to avoid is to "split" the submission and
policy pages for charms and bundles -- so I've combined it all. In the
back of my head I am thinking that this is getting too long. Any
thoughts on this?

That brings me to ... is there anything preventing us from focusing on
bundles as the first class citizens in the store? I think post-1.18 is
when we should really start to push these now that Kapil and Francesco
have polished up deployer to enable this and we now have a way to list
all the bundles in one go thanks to Brad:

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd. - Automate your Cloud Infrastructure

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