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Joshua Strobl truthfromlies at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 12:31:01 UTC 2014

Have multiple repositories for the plugins is just unnecessary
fragmentation (at least at this point). If someone wants to maintain
their own plugins, they can easily fork the project, add their plugin
(setting their fork as master and the juju/plugins as upstream) and
simply do a pull request to get it merged the plugin merged.

In terms of having an index to "register" plugins, you could argue that
the GitHub repo is for that, given the person "registers" the plugin by
a pull request and having it be accepted upstream (juju/plugins).

I can agree that we should have some sort of webpage (at
jujuplugins.com) that lists the plugins (as well as their description,
required and optional commands or arguments, etc), but that isn't needed
at this point and we should only cross that bridge when we really need
to. (It should be noted that the page can still leverage GitHub via
their APIs, so we won't have to manually add plugins to the site.)

> Sublime Text and Homebrew (if I remember right) does that.

I think you are referring to https://sublime.wbond.net/, which is an
unofficial repository of Sublime Text plugins, and while I totally
understand your point about having the multi-repo in the case of Sublime
Text plugins (and it absolutely makes sense in that environment), it
should be noted that it isn't possible to accomplish having all of a
Sublime Text plugin within a single file (from my not-so-immense
understanding of SL plugin dev), unlike Juju Plugins where it is simply
something written in a single bash script, so for Sublime Text plugins
it is more of a necessity, unless you want to do something like
DefinitelyTyped - https://github.com/borisyankov/DefinitelyTyped - where
they divide each definition, in our case plugin, into a separate folder.

But yea, I agree 100% about utilizing jujuplugins.com EVENTUALLY, where
we do disagree on is how we should keep Juju Plugins organized and
reduce fragmentation (while trying to ensure the plugins remain
up-to-date) as much as possible.

- Joshua Strobl

On 02/14/2014 01:06 AM, Sebastian wrote:
> This sounds great!, I was wondering how to extend Juju.
> When I think about plugins, using Github as a repository seems the right
> thing, and not just one repository to all. Sublime Text and Homebrew(if I
> remember right) does that. But definitively we need an index for register
> them, and not actually for storing the plugin.
> Abs,
> Sebas.
> 2014-02-13 20:58 GMT-02:00 Marco Ceppi <marco at ondina.co>:
>> So, when I first started plugins, I was like "WE SHOULD HAVE A WEBSITE,
>> AND IT SHOULD HAVE PLUGINS, AND AWESOME", but then I realized that we don't
>> have that many plugins. In the future, if plugins become a popular thing we
>> can invest some time in making jujuplugins.com and have a plugin
>> installer, etc. For now just collecting them all in one place is a good
>> start.
>> Thanks,
>> Marco Ceppi
>> On Thu, Feb 13, 2014 at 5:50 PM, Joshua Strobl <truthfromlies at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> Would it be feasible and/or benefitial to have some sort of rating
>>> system for the plugins, with those that get the most support being
>>> merged into juju-core (assuming there wouldn't be some upcoming
>>> functionality that would make the plugin no-longer-useful)? I see that
>>> as a great way to improve Juju's core functionality gradually without
>>> having to worry about tackling a possible issue later where plugin X
>>> that could've been merged is now out-of-date.
>>> On 02/13/2014 11:37 PM, Jorge O. Castro wrote:
>>>> If you didn't know, Juju has support for plugins. So far these have
>>>> been scattered over junk branches and pastebins so we're going to
>>>> organize them so people have one place to find them:
>>>> https://github.com/juju/plugins
>>>> We're not going to package them (yet) so we can put them in one place
>>>> and see which ones are useful and which ones aren't. If you have a
>>>> Juju plugin you're using and want to share it then please submit it.
>>>> Thanks to Marco Ceppi for organizing this!
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