Removing strict type-validation for string/int type configuration options (None is good!)

Marco Ceppi marco.ceppi at
Mon Feb 10 14:49:35 UTC 2014

Hi all,

Currently, one of the proof requirements within charm-tools is that all
configuration options must have a default key with a matching type value
for that key.

Most notably, some charms omit the default key and use strict None/NULL
checking within the charm.

In order to statisfy this proof rule, which is currently a WARNING level
(meaning it does not interrupt juju operation, but can affect tools within
the ecosystem), we've taken to adding `default: ""` to these missing keys.
The reason being we had no way previously to set a None/NULL type value via
the command line.

Given that we now have the ability to do so via `juju unset` I'd like to
propose we drop the requirement of having strict type checking and allow
None/NULL as a valid configuration default for both string and int types
(but not bool). In doing so we will still require you have a default: key
present but it set to an appropriate value of either a value of the type
the configuration is OR None/NULL[0]

A WARNING will still be raised if no default key is present or if the
default key is not the type the configuration option expects (and in the
case of string or int, also not NULL/None)

Looking for some +1's or feedback on this policy change, hoping to get it
released in the next version of charm-tools.

Marco Ceppi

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