Better way to scale services horizontally

Sebastian sebas5384 at
Tue Apr 29 20:31:13 UTC 2014

Hi!, I finally did it, the first production ready Drupal
charm<> with
project import from an existing GIT repository. Is almost completed, just
need to do some more relations and a lot of documentation, but before that,
I want to finish the peer's relation to load balance the units of the
service, so then Drupal can scale horizontally.

I'm based in the Wordpress charm, and noticed that is using:
*- NFS mount:* To have one mounted point, for example uploaded files from
*- Nginx as load balancer:* I'm currently using Nginx as the default web
server, so this would be another server instance configuration.

So I understand that it needs always another related deployed charm for
syncing files between units and an internal Nginx configured and installed
as peers hook relation is  invoked.

Some help? I'm almost there to finish the charm :)
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