Charm Ecosystem Status for 25 September

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# Juju Charm Ecosystem Status for 25 September

## General Info:

- [Pad](
- [Status Board](
- [Juju.u.c Meeting
- [Video of Meeting](

## Highlights

- Juju 1.14.1 landed
- Juju GUI 0.10 released

## Docs

- Juju GUI how-to added
- More additions to the charm-author section
- Troubleshooting section
- Command examples being added
- UX testing for the docs to see how well recieved the doc revamp is

## Tools/Helpers

### Tools

- 1.0 release is out! In the PPA, announcement coming to the list.
- Working with jamespage to put that in saucy
- 1.1 release in early October
- Need to implement bundle support and implement user feedback suggestions.

### Helpers

- No major changes, people still working on feaure branches

## Amulet

- Release this week now that charm tools 1.0 is out.
- Post on friday will explain how to use Amulet, and a howto guide.

## Charm Updates

- Mims hitting the queue hard this week
- Incoming charms:
 - Docker
  - Example of Docker integration in a charm
 - VPN
- Fixes:
 - Email news letter using Amazon SES, Jorge to mail that guy
 - GUI, OpenStack charms

- New Charm Queue URL:
- When you file new charm-needed bug, needs to be "WISHLIST"

## Events

Charm School declined for ODS: :(
SCALE CFP is open - deadline: 15-DEC
Marco went to GlusterFS community days at Linux Con, success

## Charm Championship!!! \o/

No new developments


- [pavel] email list on continuous deployment story using Rails charm:
- [evilnick] Charm Author docs structure: INPROGRESS
- [pavel] Work on amulet integration testing: TODO
- [marco] Release/Mail list on Amulet instructions, and general
information: INPROGRESS
- [jorge] Openstack bundle deployment thing from jamespage: INPROGRESS
  - Talked to Adam_g, I am going to test this this week.
- [utlemming] Schedule in rails doc testing: TODO
- [m_3] mapR charm review: INPROGRESS
- [marco] Releasing charm-tools 1.0 to stable PPA: DONE
- [marco] Get 1.0 charm-tools into saucy/precise: INPROGRESS

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