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> Hi Andy,
> When you say
> "Currently you do need to have an existing, bootstrapped environment. Work
> on improving this situation is underway"
> What's the idea?

So there's another couple of things in development: a "null" provider, and
"manual bootstrapping". The null provider is a provider that does not
manage or provide any means of automatically provisioning machines. Manual
bootstrapping means essentially the same as manual provisioning, but for
the bootstrap node. In its current manifestation (under review), manual
bootstrap only works with the null provider. You will configure an
environment.yaml that names the bootstrap machine, and "juju bootstrap"
will do something similar to "juju add-machine ssh:..." under the hood.

I miswrote earlier: you'll always need an existing, bootstrapped
environment. But with the null provider/manual bootstrap, you can put
everything in your VPS, or what have you. You won't need to have a cloud
environment just for the bootstrap node.


> On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 2:47 AM, Andrew Wilkins <
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>> Hello everyone,
>> As was noted in the 1.13.3 release notes thread, we did not announce one
>> the major features that made it into the release (manual provisioning).
>> This was intentional as we have not written any documentation yet. On the
>> other hand, it would be good to get some feedback so that we can make
>> changes if necessary, or feed into the documentation.
>> So, below is a bit of a run-down. If you're interested in this feature,
>> try it out and let us know if you or have any issues or any thoughts for
>> improvement.
>> ----
>> As of 1.13.3 you can now do this:
>>     juju add-machine ssh:[user@]host
>> and a series of commands will be carried out on that host, via SSH, to
>> provision the machine into the current juju environment. This will enable
>> you to compose a juju environment out of your existing systems.
>> Here's a few things to bear in mind:
>>  - Currently you do need to have an existing, bootstrapped environment.
>> Work on improving this situation is underway
>>  - The machine you're provisioning must be able to route to machine 0
>> (for the state/API), and storage (to get tools, etc.)
>>  - There is no change in supported operating systems; the machine being
>> provisioned must be running Ubuntu 12.04+
>>  - Multiple invocations of ssh will be made, and sudo is used on the
>> remote host to install the machine agent. To reduce noisy prompts, you
>> should use public key authentication. To completely eliminate prompting,
>> you'll also need to enable passwordless sudo on the target host.
>> Cheers,
>> Andrew
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