Manual provisioning - feedback wanted

Nate Finch nate.finch at
Mon Sep 9 17:01:00 UTC 2013

I'm pretty interested in this, actually, since I want to be able to use
juju to deploy charms to a VPS I have... but even with this change, it's
not workable, because we can't manually choose a machine to bootstrap to.
Needing an AWS machine (or similar) as machine 0 is pretty much a deal

I don't know what the roadmap is like, but it seems like we should
implement the manual provider as an actual provider with a type and
everything that can live in your environments.yaml. For me, the ideal would
be able to just specify a list of IP addresses in environments.yaml and
make that my "cloud". MAAS is nice and all, but it's a lot of setup for a
situation where I specifically do not want a lot of setup. I just want to
be able to say "I have these three Ubuntu machines (specified by IP
addresses), juju go do your thing". Minimum barrier of entry.
On Sep 8, 2013 9:47 PM, "Andrew Wilkins" <andrew.wilkins at>

> Hello everyone,
> As was noted in the 1.13.3 release notes thread, we did not announce one
> the major features that made it into the release (manual provisioning).
> This was intentional as we have not written any documentation yet. On the
> other hand, it would be good to get some feedback so that we can make
> changes if necessary, or feed into the documentation.
> So, below is a bit of a run-down. If you're interested in this feature,
> try it out and let us know if you or have any issues or any thoughts for
> improvement.
> ----
> As of 1.13.3 you can now do this:
>     juju add-machine ssh:[user@]host
> and a series of commands will be carried out on that host, via SSH, to
> provision the machine into the current juju environment. This will enable
> you to compose a juju environment out of your existing systems.
> Here's a few things to bear in mind:
>  - Currently you do need to have an existing, bootstrapped environment.
> Work on improving this situation is underway
>  - The machine you're provisioning must be able to route to machine 0 (for
> the state/API), and storage (to get tools, etc.)
>  - There is no change in supported operating systems; the machine being
> provisioned must be running Ubuntu 12.04+
>  - Multiple invocations of ssh will be made, and sudo is used on the
> remote host to install the machine agent. To reduce noisy prompts, you
> should use public key authentication. To completely eliminate prompting,
> you'll also need to enable passwordless sudo on the target host.
> Cheers,
> Andrew
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