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# Juju Charm Ecosystem Status for 4th September

## General Info:

- [Pad](
- [Status Board](
- [Juju.u.c Meeting
- [Video of Meeting](

## Highlights

- vUDS last week
- Docs sprint at the end of the sprint
 - 20 tasks completed with ~30 updates
 - Added some How to on node and rails
- Rails Charm landed in charms store (based of the rack charm)
 - Need some examples of usage

## Docs

- Although 20 tasks completed in the sprint there are still remaining
tasks that Nick will file as bugs so people can assign themselves.
- Need more "How To" examples, ie openstack
- Needed:
  - HOWTO: Openstack
  - restructure of hooks docs
  - Troubleshooting/ FAQ
  - Amulet
  - charm helpers... (check the bugs for the docs...)
- Waiting on the charm author hooks page to land to finish out the
charm author restructure.
  - Define user journies for charm author specfic solutions
  - "How To" are the landing pages for these journies
  - Still need: OpenStack, Hadoop, Discourse
  - Node and rails made

## Tools/Helpers

- Tools: Full python port complete (all commands should now work) and
made into a Juju plugin, but does work in stand alone mode too.
- Tools: Will be packaged and part of the juju/stable ppa
- Helpers: Programable API availble

### Amulet

- Code ready for release, packaging complete, and now working on documentation.
- Release once charm-tools work is complete

## Charm Updates

- Queue needs some work
  - ntpserver charm needed

## Events

- OhioLinuxFest Juju talk! 14 September
- Marco @ Gluster FS Community Days, part of Linux Conf in New Orleans (Sept 19)
- Update events page

 ## Charm Championship!!! \o/

- 3 new categories: Media, telco, and publishing
- $30k more in prizes for new categories
- Deadline extended to October 22 to accomodate new categoires

## Other Topics

 - Search readme in the to find applicable services for
framework charms.
- Matthew brought up Charm UX
 - Need a How To on local development story (arosales to get content
from mattyw from "How To" section)
 - Need a quick easy-to-read example on how to deploy a mongo/node web
site (may not be a good candidate for charm store).
  - More of a reference charm for learning rather heavy utility charm
in the charm store
  - Need more light-weight easy-to-read (deploying a web site)
educational charms may not necessarily have a lot of utility in the
charm store.
   - Perhaps add another sub-section in "writing a charm"


 - [marco] upgrades video (I missed *another* a million weeks): INPROGRESS
 - [pavel] email list on continuous deployment story using Rails
  - [arosales, m_3] To get feedback to pavel: INPROGRESS
 - [evilnick] Charm Author docs structure: INPROGRESS
 - [nick] Add local provider getting started docs: DONE
 - [pavel] Work on amulet integration testing: TODO
- [marco] Mail list on Amulet instructions, and general information: TODO
- [jorge] To identify draft pages in docs: INPROGRESS
- [m_3] Final review for the Rack charm to go into the Store: DONE
- [m_3] Confirm ruby conf submission: INPROGRESS
- [marco] Charm Tools port to full python: DONE
- [jorge] Openstack bundle deployment thing from jamespage: INPROGRESS

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