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Nick Veitch nick.veitch at
Wed Sep 4 12:37:05 UTC 2013

Big thanks to everyone who participated in the Juju Docs virtual
mini-sprint on 30th August!

20 outstanding tasks were completed (outstandingly)
7 completely new pages added
12+ participants

Across the day we made great progress in a number of areas, adding
examples, more explanations and reference material. Among the highlights

* new HowTo section, with walkthroughs like this:
* documentation for the local provider
* a comprehensive (for now) list of constraints
* explanation of how/why to group services
* better documentation for charm authors on interfaces

Extra special thanks to Martin Packman, Nate Finch, Frank Mueller, William
Reade and
Kapil Thangavelu for some valuable input from core developers.

Feel free to also appraise us of any errors or omissions - file a bug
report for the docs!
Or you can contribute the old-fashioned but much appreciated way - by
writing something:

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