Sharing a DB user password among units of the app

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> On 2013-10-29 16:38, Andreas Hasenack wrote:
> > Now I run add-unit, and another unit comes up. How can it get that
> > password?
> >
> ...
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> > Is this a case for a peer relation?
> >
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> Yes. As I understand it, that is exactly what a peer relation is for.
Turns out a peer relation won't be good enough. It solves the add-unit
case, sure, but I also need to share this password among different
*services* (I neglected to consider that at first).

In this case the application is composed of several different services that
talk to the DB. So while I can scale out the units of a service and have
the password shared among those units, there is no way that I can see where
I can also share those credentials with the other services that make up my

I'll take the config approach for now and make sure all services are
deployed with the same initially-chosen-by-the-admin password.
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