nagios charm

Henning Eggers henning at
Fri Oct 18 13:59:04 UTC 2013


I am trying to locate the current/recommended nagios charm. Searching for
'nagios' gives me a few options but I think this is the right one[1].

It seems to be pretty old, though, and also has problems starting. I could try
to fix it but I just want to check here
- if this is really the correct charm
- if somebody might already be working on this
- what everybody else is using for monitoring tasks.

Oddly, the nrpe charm[2] has a lot more revisions and has been updated a full
year after nagios' last update. It is still a year old, though. Also, the nrpe
branch is marked as mature while nagios is not.

Can anybody please shed a bit of light on the situation? Thanks so much!



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