Juju Status for 9 October.

Jorge O. Castro jorge at ubuntu.com
Wed Oct 9 16:33:37 UTC 2013

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## General Info
- [Pad](http://pad.ubuntu.com/7mf2jvKXNa)
- [Status Board](https://trello.com/board/charmers-board/4ec1696da3f94bd2ea5b2b01)
- [Juju.u.c Meeting
- [Video of Meeting](http://youtu.be/ItpPwPWCcj8)

## Highlights

- Pending 1.16 release
 - Manual provider landing
 - Ton of stuff!
- Release crunch time
- Amulet 1.0.0 and 1.0.1 released
 - Charm school:
 - Announcements:
https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2013-October/003015.html &&

## Docs

New structure for author docs
- docs in progress for 1.16
  - Manual provider branch incoming

## Tools

- Upcoming 1.0.1 release to address charmworld and brew installation issues
- Work on adding support for bundles, new proof criteria for

## Helpers

- No new changes to report

## Amulet

 - [1.0.0](https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2013-October/003015.html)
 - [1.0.1](https://lists.ubuntu.com/archives/juju/2013-October/003017.html)
 - Work on 1.1 ongoing, better relationship mapping and support for
interface documenting

## Charm Updates

- 71 items in the Review Queue!
- Incoming Sensu charms, thanks Paul C!
- Elasticsearch, Logstash updates thanks to Paul C!

## Events

- ConfigManagement Day @ FOSDEM: CFP is open
- SCALE CFP is open!


- [marco] Release/Mail list on Amulet instructions, and general
information: DONE
- [jorge] Openstack bundle deployment thing from jamespage: BLOCKED
  - Talked to Adam_g, I am going to test this this week.
- [utlemming] Schedule in rails doc testing: TODO
- [m_3] mapR charm review: INPROGRESS
- [marco] Get 1.0 charm-tools into precise: BLOCKED

- [jorge] - Document the null provider: INPROGRESS
- [jorge] Document manual provisioning via add-machine ssh: TODO
- [marcoceppi] Document SimpleStreams, scrub docs to make sure
public-bucket-url and friends are updated: TODO
- [jorge] - Local provider troubleshooting: TODO
- [nickveitch] - File a bug to bring -v back (show-log? really?): TODO
- [nickveitch] - Document tags in the MAAS provider: TODO
- [nickveitch] - control-bucket is now chosen automatically if omitted
from the configuration for new ec2 and openstack environments.: TODO
- [nickveitch] - admin-secret is now chosen automatically if omitted
from the configuration of a new environment.: TODO
- [jorge] [nickveitch] - Create a logging page.  Logging has changed.
You can specify an environment variable
  "JUJU_LOGGING_CONFIG", or you can specify --log-config on the
command line. To show the log on the command line, now use --show-log.
 The --debug has been kept to be short-hand for
"--log-config=<root>=DEBUG --show-log", and --verbose has been
deprecated with its current meaning.: TODO
- [marcoceppi] Document charmhelper http relations: TODO

Jorge Castro
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