setup tutorial with local provider - never goes beyond pending

Dan Kortschak dan.kortschak at
Mon Oct 7 20:36:19 UTC 2013

The majority of the time was downloading the image, but a significant portion of the time was spent setting up the package installation for the components. The breakdown was probably 20min and 10min respectively.


On 08/10/2013, at 6:53 AM, "Mark Shuttleworth" <mark at> wrote:

> On 07/10/13 07:29, Andrew Wilkins wrote:
>> It may take a while to come up the first time, as the LXC template
>> will need to debootstrap.
> Are we downloading an image, or a set of packages? debootstrap would be
> a lot slower than an image launch, seems like we could drop an image
> there more easily.
> Mark

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