How to well target units of a service and other points (production scope)

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Fri May 31 14:19:21 UTC 2013

In my case, I do not think that benefits are so significant today.
That's why, I wrote it in a miscellaenous part of my first e-mail and
this is not really important if it's not possible.

Moreover, this is true that we always have to make a choice between the
and the complexity that this generates.
Therefore, if the application is easy to learn, use, and reliable,
it's better for everyone (hide the complexity, show and keep only relevant

Good practice : Keep It Simple ;-)

2013/5/31 Mark Shuttleworth <mark at>

> On 05/31/2013 02:17 PM, Nicolas FOATA wrote:
> > At last, to answer your curiosity, I would like to tag Amazon machines
> > on both levels.
> > e.g:
> >   A tag for the platform containing all the services, so maybe a
> > better thing to have it at the environment level and avoid redundancy,
> >   A tag for the service to know who did it, or what is its name, and
> > then better at the service level.
> This sounds like it would be addressed in general form by having the
> ability to add parameters that are passed to the provider (and on to the
> substrate) at the environment and service level. Not sure if the juju
> team will think that's tasteful, but I can see the practical benefits!
> Mark
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