Charm Ecosystem Status for 29 May

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Wed May 29 17:22:21 UTC 2013

Here's your weekly update! Rendered version here:

- [Video recording](
- [Pad](
- [Status Board](
- [Juju.u.c Meeting

## Charm Tools

- No updates this week, some fixes, nothing major.
- More work end of this week and next week.

## Charm Helpers

- First cut merge is in lp:charm-helpers.
- Wedgewood has been doing a bunch of work organizing this.
- Generic frontend and python library access too.
- Mims: Can we bootstrap chef/puppet folks with charm helpers?
  - Marco: we're really low level right now, so not yet, but eventually.
- People want pre-install hooks.
  - Mims, how about something like metadata in charm helpers for
things like "Install these packages" and so on.
-Also putting some thoughts around how any language can take advantage
of of libraries in  specific language.
  -One idea is to provide a defined cli on how charms can shell out.
- No packaging or PPA yet.

## Testing

- Released first cut of juju-test-plugin, in the juju-plugins repo on Launchpad.
  - Drop in replacement for jitsu-test.
  - Find marco before you venture here (*explosion sounds*)
- Marco to announce testing harness this week/early next week for consumption.

## Docs

- newdocs almost ready for testing. This FRIDAY! \o/
  - end user docs, we haven't started on the "how to write a charm" stuff.
- Where will we host them?
  - We need to do Redirects, we can't bust our URLs; marco to investigate.
-  Reconvene on Friday to make a call?
- old-docs now generating (thanks IS!) - just in time for newdocs to launch. :)

## Review any blockers on Trello

- We need pyju .7 and goju in 12.04 - Jorge driving this. Filed a bug
- [](
   - Mims/mgz to apply for PPU for Juju in distro.
- Marco - please don't forget charm-tools, needs to be there too!

## Review any highlights on Trello

- analytics fixed on juju.u.c
-CharmTesting: Create juju-test runner landed

## Charm Framework Updates

- node.js - use more community common practices. Still nebulous at
this point, Jeff is still learning the charm
  - Mims showed some people at gluecon and got some ideas.
  - We'll walk through this at charmschool this Friday, how to do a
node thing from scratch as part 2 of writing a charm.

## Events

- Gluecon rocked
  - mapr and storm are cool, Mims wants to charm them, along with
swaths of the netflix infrastructure as a proof of concept.
- Strata NY - submitted. London pending still.
- Texas Linux Fest this Friday/Saturday
- Charm School page updated with upcoming events.

## Misc

- The discourse charm works! [](

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

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