Using Juju with HP-Cloud - fist impressions

Ian Booth ian.booth at
Tue Mar 26 00:58:18 UTC 2013

>> Replace TENANT with FROZBONICATOR. It still doesn't tell you how this
>> field is used. I guess there are two parts of configuration that juju
>> requires:
>> 1) Boring stuff that "just has to be defined" that is not real
>> configuration, just fixed-per-user blob
>> 2) Configuration that users want to change and thus need to
>> understand.
>> Currently TENANT falls under 1) but I suspect it's 2) in disguise 
> I think you're right there.

In Openstack parlance, the tenant defines the project under which your cloud is
run and forms part of the credentials. If the tenant is not set when the
environment config is loaded, an error occurs. If a user is using juju with an
Openstack instance, they need to know or be given their credentials like user
name, password etc etc, and tenant name is but one of these items.

The juju HP Cloud get started page shows where to find the key credential config
items like user name etc, and this includes tenant name which is also shown as
aliased to project name. So in that sense, it's acting like a "cut and paste
these items" type resource. In addition, the Openstack provider configuration
page explains in a bit more detail what tenant name means:

If this information is not enough, suggestions welcome for what more needs to be
added. Perhaps we should link to both the above pages in the HP Cloud
boilerplate config? Would that help?

>>>         7) Bootstrap fails like this: zyga at g580:~$ juju bootstrap
>>>         --upload-tools error: cannot start bootstrap instance:
>>>         cannot find image satisfying constraints: failed to get list
>>>         of flavours, caused by: no endpoints known for service type:
>>>         compute 
>>> This indicates the region is not set correctly.
>> You were right. 
> I suspect we should be handling this when we're picking up the initial
> configuration, rather than waiting so late in the process. Is this
> harder to do than it sounds?

We don't know ahead of time that the region is wrong - it's a user configured
item just like username, password, tenant name etc. The expectation is that the
person who sets up the HP Cloud instance then just hands out to the users the
key credential information to get going. Having said that, we should be able to
do a better job of guessing what the root cause error from the user's
perspective is and printing that, so that they have a better chance of knowing
what configuration item needs to be fixed up.

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