Using Juju with HP-Cloud - fist impressions

William Reade william.reade at
Tue Mar 26 00:11:47 UTC 2013

On Mon, 2013-03-25 at 20:17 +0001, Zygmunt Krynicki wrote:
> I only meant that image-id implies series. If one is specified then
> the other is useless. It is also unclear which takes precendence when
> both are used.

This is correct. Under openstack, in the current absence of a
cloud-images-alike mechanism, requests for a particular series are thus

> Replace TENANT with FROZBONICATOR. It still doesn't tell you how this
> field is used. I guess there are two parts of configuration that juju
> requires:
> 1) Boring stuff that "just has to be defined" that is not real
> configuration, just fixed-per-user blob
> 2) Configuration that users want to change and thus need to
> understand.
> Currently TENANT falls under 1) but I suspect it's 2) in disguise 

I think you're right there.
> >         7) Bootstrap fails like this: zyga at g580:~$ juju bootstrap
> >         --upload-tools error: cannot start bootstrap instance:
> >         cannot find image satisfying constraints: failed to get list
> >         of flavours, caused by: no endpoints known for service type:
> >         compute 
> > This indicates the region is not set correctly.
> You were right. 

I suspect we should be handling this when we're picking up the initial
configuration, rather than waiting so late in the process. Is this
harder to do than it sounds?
> Issuing $ `juju status` fails though:
> zyga at g580:~/.juju$ juju bootstrap --upload-tools
> zyga at g580:~/.juju$ juju status
> error: no reachable servers
> zyga at g580:~/.juju$ juj u status
> error: failed to get list of server details, caused by:
>!A(string=failed executing the request), caused by: Get remote error: handshake failure
Does this fail every time? Handshake failures are still not uncommon
with goamz, but my experience is that they're relatively rare there.

> Thanks
> ZK

Many thanks for your comments and analysis; it's exceptionally valuable
to get an outside perspective. We should capture just about everything
you've said here in LP... but I don't want to prejudge prioritization
decisions without input from the guys who've been focusing on openstack.


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