juju deploy and charm origin, borked?

David Cheney david.cheney at canonical.com
Mon Mar 25 23:14:42 UTC 2013

+cc juju-dev

>      # override if your workstation is running a different series to
> which you are deploying
>      # default-series: precise
>      default-series: precise
>      default-image-id: "75845"
>      [ snip ]
> zyga at g580:~$ juju deploy ubuntu
> error: cannot get latest charm revision: charm info errors for
> "cs:raring/ubuntu": entry not found
> Why did juju want to use raring? If I was using fedora, would it try
> to deploy the same version as my fedora system?
> As a user, I expected to get a vanilla ubuntu 12.04 aka precise
> I must be doing something wrong, let's see what --help says:

If you use bootstrap --upload-tools, juju (as of 1.9.11) will _always_ 
use the series of the workstation you ran the deploy command on to 
define the series.

This is being fixed, and may be fixed once 1.9.12 ships.

To workaround this do not use --upload-tools, which sort of means you 
can't use hp cloud -- sorry, we're trying to fix this.



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