Using Juju with HP-Cloud - fist impressions

Tim Penhey tim.penhey at
Mon Mar 25 21:02:26 UTC 2013

On 26/03/13 00:46, Nick Veitch wrote:
> Hi Zygmunt,
>>>> 1) Links from to
>>>> various HP pages are broken
> Once again, thanks very much for taking the time to report your
> findings. It is particularly useful to me as I am currently rewriting
> the documentation for the new version of juju, which will take into
> account some of the subtle differences in versions. I will definitely
> let you know when we have some of these docs up in case you can point
> out, from your experience, where they could be any clearer!

I think it would be beneficial to have some help topics built into the
juju command for each of the main public clouds we support.

A better command line help is now in the go version.

juju help - prints out the help basics
juju help topics - list the current topics available.

I think having topics for "aws", "hp-cloud", and other public clouds we
support with more info would be helpful.


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