Newsblur charm

Dario Bertini berdario at
Thu Mar 21 14:11:35 UTC 2013

Hi, I read on Google+ Jorge's call for creating a newsblur charm, and
I looked up what was necessary to obtain it

quite soon, I got stuck and asked for suggestion... what follows is a
copypaste of a message on the Google+ thread I mentioned above:

I started to tweak the metadata.yaml by looking at what the
python-django and mongodb charms provide... then I was going through
the install process, while trying to keep it as close to ubuntu's
standards as possible

that is: install as much as possible from apt-get

unfortunately, it seems that newsblur has a dependency on a small
custom function its author added to mongoengine:

I checked the upstream mongoengine repository, and unfortunately the
change isn't there... and it seems there's not even a pull request for

His fork is 2 months old, and it seems to not be bound to specific
releases or tags

The best thing is probably to try to get it merged upstream (if the
change makes sense), wait for it and only then proceed with the charm

OTOH, we could just make the charm go along with what's being done in
the fabfile... but it does pick up things from random places...
sometimes even multiple times! (it installs mongoengine both with
easy_install and from git)

What do you suggest?

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