Moving from pyjuju to juju-core

Matthew Williams matthew.williams at
Tue Mar 5 18:05:43 UTC 2013

I've just started playing around with juju core and I'm having trouble 
getting going.

Here are some of my notes so far, hope folks are able to give me some 

I can't seem to setup a local environment. I get the following error:
 > error: environment "local" has an unknown provider type "local"

I can't specify an ec2-uri (to be able to use canonistack)

 > error: ec2-uri: expected nothing, got "<uri>"

When I tried to deploy my charm - which works on pyjuju I get "hook 
failed: install" however in the unit there is no /var/lib/juju/units 
directory which is where I would normally go to see the charm.log file. 
Where should I be going to see logs?



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