Django charm

Patrick Hetu patrick.hetu at
Tue Jan 29 05:09:43 UTC 2013

Recently (at least for me) Jorge point out that the juju store was
missing a good Django charm.

So me and Bruno Girin have started to check that out.
Here's what we have come with so far:

Bruno added a way to handle the case where the root of the django app
is not the root of the repo and to get the code from a private repository:


I fixed the Gunicorn hooks and now I'm working on writing tests,
make the charm compatible with the latest version of the Postgresql charm
(you need to send a database name now).

I'm also proposing to use directories for settings and urls since
is way easier to inject configuration without conflicts this way.
You can check an example of Django site here:

Finally, this list of what we think needs to be done:

- an apache+mod-wsgi subordinate charm
- make the charm work with either sqlite, postgresql or mysql
- a Fabric plugin that works with Juju
- dependencies installation from apt-get or pip plus optionally use virtualenv
- Make static and media file locations configurable
- Add an option to get django from upstream

Also, we need to find the better way to extend the charm for
using things like Celery, South, Memcached, Fabric, Sentry, New Relic, etc

I was thinking about using Fabric but configuration options or subordinate
charm would be more inline with Juju's style.



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