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Just wanted to bring a few bits of conversation from IRC today re: this
topic ...

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< imbrandon> robbiew: i'll reply to the list but just a quick note. IMHO
its not a git/bzr thing as much as where the
                      community and that communities already established
workflows , just adding git support to LP would not gain the
                      same thing, LP fundamentally works differently.
< imbrandon> by community i mean DevOps at large as well as most if not all
Upstreams for the charms

< robbiew> imbrandon: I get all's just given all the things we
need to get done for juju, I'm not sure a move to
                    github is the highest priority....but I'm also open to
being proved wrong

< imbrandon> robbiew: true i can give you that, it shouldent be highest
priority, but I dont think it should be overlooked or
                      lowest either, also its an area where the non-core
team possibly help out more than in some of the higher
                      priority areas ... I'm not 100000% dead set on it yet
either BUT I do think it probably the correct move over
                      all. But in the same breath I like the Hybrid cases
that OpenStack and Drupal use ... that could be our
                      blueprint as well then we get the good bits of Github
and that workflow as well as some of the stronger bits of
< imbrandon> I'll finish this out on the mailing list though, not really
trying to derail it and bring it to IRC too much
                      where its hard for everyone to chime in :)
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