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Robbie Williamson robbie at
Wed Jan 9 21:21:36 UTC 2013

So I appreciate the goal of this discussion and I also agree we should
not alienate github users, but the current approach seems to be working
fine, imo.  Is there really a *huge* deviation from the github process
versus the lp one...or is this just another opensource
ideology/vim-vs-emacs-type discussion?

I recognize git/github is "where it's at", but I don't think a switch is
worth the cost of having to migrate all the currently tracked bugs, as
well as change juju to pull from github instead of lp.  Also, this move
would affect the ability for someone to authenticate themselves as
trusted juju user/charmer via existing identities in LP, thus breaking
plans to allow more charmstore interaction by users and charmers via the
'juju' cli.

The real issue seems to be LP not supporting 'git', and this is
something the Canonical LP team has looked into and even made plans for
implementing, but just hasn't had the bandwidth to get started on.
Given launchpad is opensource, I think a focus on helping with this
effort would do much more for both juju *and* Ubuntu, than pushing
charms to github.


On 01/09/2013 01:52 PM, Surenkumar Nihalani wrote:
> +1 for github. Makes barrier to entry very low. 
> On Jan 9, 2013, at 1:38 PM, Brandon Holtsclaw <me at
> <mailto:me at>> wrote:
>> I dont have alot of time to reply now but would like to add my +1 as
>> well for Github. I've gone over this a few times publicly on IRC so my
>> stance should be pretty well known but I'll come back and add some
>> bullet points as I have a bit of time.
>> On Wed, Jan 9, 2013 at 10:23 AM, Marco Ceppi <marco at
>> <mailto:marco at>> wrote:
>>     Hi Jorge,
>>     I think Github is a great place to look for developers given how
>>     many upstreams keep their projects there and the overall existing
>>     community of cultivated contributors. I can see it being a
>>     potential sore spot in the near future when trying to woo new
>>     contributors and having a seemingly superfluous roadblock like
>>     learning an entire new workflow stand in the way of potential new
>>     charm contributors.
>>     Having experienced this (and sadly still struggling with this at
>>     times) when I first got interested in contributing to Ubuntu, I
>>     found that learning Bazaar after many years as a Git power user
>>     was far more tedious than I would have wanted. Thankfully, I
>>     conquered Bazaar but I fear others might not be as diligent.
>>     In short +1 from me and I'll get the talks of workflow by
>>     submitting the first pull request:
>>     Thanks,
>>     Marco Ceppi
>>     On 01/04/2013 01:44 PM, Jorge O. Castro wrote:
>>>     Hi everyone,
>>>     I just got off a quick call with Kapil T, Mark Mims, Juan Negron, and
>>>     Clint Byrum where we were discussion some of the workflow issues with
>>>     charms and how we can lower the bar to entry to getting people to be
>>>     able to hack on charms. This quickly turned into what I'll summarize
>>>     as: "Why aren't we using github, a bunch of people always ask me after
>>>     a talk if we can use github and it's a turn off for people that they
>>>     have to learn lp/bzr."
>>>     Since this is the sort of thing that will have many opinions and
>>>     quickly grew out of the scope of a normal status call I thought it
>>>     prudent to bring to the list for discussion.
>>>     We do have our charms mirrored on <> and we have had
>>>     people submit pull requests. The problem is that we have two workflows
>>>     for submitting charms, the default launchpad process, and the github
>>>     one that we added after people kept asking about it.
>>>     So now the question I'd like to ask is:
>>>     "Do we feel that not using git and/or github is detrimental to our growth?"
>>>     On top of that we use Launchpad for code review and identity. We know
>>>     that the OpenStack community is using gerrit for
>>> and they are happy with it. We also have
>>>     to think about how this fits with the store in terms of curating the
>>>     store and so on.
>>>     I'm sure people will be really passionate about this so ... discuss!
>>>     --
>>>     Jorge Castro
>>>     Canonical Ltd.
>>>     My 2 cents is: Many cloud oss projects use github, including things
>>>     that are really important use cases for juju, like rails, node,
>>>     mongodb, and so on, I'm in the "go where the upstreams and consumers
>>>     of the technology are." camp.
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