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Wed Jan 9 16:23:42 UTC 2013

Hi Jorge,

I think Github is a great place to look for developers given how many
upstreams keep their projects there and the overall existing community
of cultivated contributors. I can see it being a potential sore spot in
the near future when trying to woo new contributors and having a
seemingly superfluous roadblock like learning an entire new workflow
stand in the way of potential new charm contributors.

Having experienced this (and sadly still struggling with this at times)
when I first got interested in contributing to Ubuntu, I found that
learning Bazaar after many years as a Git power user was far more
tedious than I would have wanted. Thankfully, I conquered Bazaar but I
fear others might not be as diligent.

In short +1 from me and I'll get the talks of workflow by submitting the
first pull request:

Marco Ceppi

On 01/04/2013 01:44 PM, Jorge O. Castro wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I just got off a quick call with Kapil T, Mark Mims, Juan Negron, and
> Clint Byrum where we were discussion some of the workflow issues with
> charms and how we can lower the bar to entry to getting people to be
> able to hack on charms. This quickly turned into what I'll summarize
> as: "Why aren't we using github, a bunch of people always ask me after
> a talk if we can use github and it's a turn off for people that they
> have to learn lp/bzr."
> Since this is the sort of thing that will have many opinions and
> quickly grew out of the scope of a normal status call I thought it
> prudent to bring to the list for discussion.
> We do have our charms mirrored on and we have had
> people submit pull requests. The problem is that we have two workflows
> for submitting charms, the default launchpad process, and the github
> one that we added after people kept asking about it.
> So now the question I'd like to ask is:
> "Do we feel that not using git and/or github is detrimental to our growth?"
> On top of that we use Launchpad for code review and identity. We know
> that the OpenStack community is using gerrit for
> and they are happy with it. We also have
> to think about how this fits with the store in terms of curating the
> store and so on.
> I'm sure people will be really passionate about this so ... discuss!
> --
> Jorge Castro
> Canonical Ltd.
> My 2 cents is: Many cloud oss projects use github, including things
> that are really important use cases for juju, like rails, node,
> mongodb, and so on, I'm in the "go where the upstreams and consumers
> of the technology are." camp.

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