Investigation workflow improvements with other tools

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Fri Jan 4 18:44:38 UTC 2013

Hi everyone,

I just got off a quick call with Kapil T, Mark Mims, Juan Negron, and
Clint Byrum where we were discussion some of the workflow issues with
charms and how we can lower the bar to entry to getting people to be
able to hack on charms. This quickly turned into what I'll summarize
as: "Why aren't we using github, a bunch of people always ask me after
a talk if we can use github and it's a turn off for people that they
have to learn lp/bzr."

Since this is the sort of thing that will have many opinions and
quickly grew out of the scope of a normal status call I thought it
prudent to bring to the list for discussion.

We do have our charms mirrored on and we have had
people submit pull requests. The problem is that we have two workflows
for submitting charms, the default launchpad process, and the github
one that we added after people kept asking about it.

So now the question I'd like to ask is:

"Do we feel that not using git and/or github is detrimental to our growth?"

On top of that we use Launchpad for code review and identity. We know
that the OpenStack community is using gerrit for and they are happy with it. We also have
to think about how this fits with the store in terms of curating the
store and so on.

I'm sure people will be really passionate about this so ... discuss!

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

My 2 cents is: Many cloud oss projects use github, including things
that are really important use cases for juju, like rails, node,
mongodb, and so on, I'm in the "go where the upstreams and consumers
of the technology are." camp.

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