Declarative Juju

Bruno Girin brunogirin at
Mon Feb 4 13:14:30 UTC 2013

Hi all,

At FOSDEM over the weekend, Kevin Krammer presented several uses of QML,
including some non-UI ones. In particular, he talked about QBS
(pronounced "cubes") [1] which is a declarative build system like make
using QML to describe the different targets: so in practice CMake with
QML syntax and with QML's ability to bind properties and use JavaScript.
Other benefits are that the QML engine already exists and that
developers who know QML need very little time to get up to speed.

Is this something that would make sense in order to implement
declarative charm support?

Beyond this, I was also wondering if there were any plans to create a
client side version of a charm (we could call it an enchantment) that
would define what charms to run and how to link them together in order
to create an environment, so for example a way to say: in order to bring
up my test environment, install wordpress, install mysql, link wordpress
to mysql, populate mysql with test data. You can of course do this
easily with a simple shell script but making this declarative too would
make it easier for complex topologies and would be environment
independent so you could use the same "enchantment" file whether you
were running the Juju client in Ubuntu, Mac OS-X, Windows (should there
ever be one of those!) or as a Jenkins plugin.

Apologies if all this has already been discussed and I just haven't seen
any of it.



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