[ANN] Charm Tools 1.2.3 released

Marco Ceppi marco.ceppi at canonical.com
Wed Dec 11 18:42:51 UTC 2013

Hello all,

As promised on Friday, there is an update to Charm Tools which fixes bugs
and adds new features. Charm Tools 1.2.3 supersedes 1.2.0, 1.2.1, and 1.2.2
- all of which were uploaded to the PPA. If you managed to pull and update
between now and Monday make sure you have the latest charm-tools installed.

# Installing/Upgrading

For Ubuntu users, add ppa:juju/stable if you haven't already and run the

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install charm-tools

For Windows users, a new Charm Tools MSI will be made available here
https://launchpad.net/charm-tools/1.2/1.2.3 and on the docs.

For Mac users, we will work to update the homebrew recipe to include the
new version of Charm Tools.

# Highlights

## charm add

New "add" command create, this will be used to create generators. Currently
only "tests" is available

### charm add tests

`juju charm add tests` will create an example Amulet test file based on
metadata.yaml information for the charm provided (or cwd, if cwd is a charm)

## charm get

We've made `juju charm get` more useful. It accepts standard charm URLs and
will branch accordingly.
  - juju charm get wordpress
  - juju charm get ~marcoceppi/wordpress
  - juju charm get ~marcoceppi/precise/wordpress
  - juju charm get precise/wordpress-20
  - juju charm get cs:wordpress

 and any permutations of the above

## charm info

New command `juju charm info` added, this will produce the README of the
charm, if available. Accepts any valid standard charm store URL:
  - juju charm info wordpress
  - juju charm info cs:precise/wordpress
  - juju charm info ~marcoceppi/wordpress

# Changes

You can view all bugs addressed in this version at the following urls:

- https://launchpad.net/charm-tools/1.2/1.2.3
- https://launchpad.net/charm-tools/1.2/1.2.2
- https://launchpad.net/charm-tools/1.2/1.2.0

The 1.2 series will remain open for patches only at this point. All future
features will be focused on the 1.3 series scheduled for release late

# Support

Support for charm-tools is available via bug reporting at
https://bugs.launchpad.net/charm-tools, in #juju on freenode.net, this
mailing list juju at lists.ubuntu.com, and askubuntu.com tagged "juju".

Marco Ceppi
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