the injection pattern for extending charms

Gary Poster gary.poster at
Mon Dec 2 19:19:05 UTC 2013

On 12/02/2013 02:10 PM, Patrick Hetu wrote:
> I've finally done a workable draft with the "configuration injection"
> feature.
> So know a charm can add builders configuration via a "builder-file"
> relation.
> Also the charm use charmhelper library now:

Sounds like cool changes.

> lp:~patrick-hetu/charms/precise/buildbot-master/charmhelpers
> lp:~patrick-hetu/charms/precise/buildbot-slave/charmhelpers
> It still missing some features that the original charm had but those
> could be
> implemented with subordinates or with relations.
> Also, if you like that and since I'm using buildbot a lot I would not
> mind maintaining the charm.

As lead of the team who developed and did not maintain the previous
charms, +1!



> Note: Thanks Gavin for your comments, I've included the fixes in my code.
> Patrick

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