Update Request for 12.04 Roadmap Blueprint and Bug Status

Robbie Williamson robbie at ubuntu.com
Wed Mar 21 15:27:32 UTC 2012

Here's blueprint I created to track certain features/bugs we wanted
resolved for 12.04:

Of the remaining unfixed bug tasks, could I get an update on each...or
at least notification that the bug fix/feature won't land for 12.04?
Here's the list:
* http://pad.lv/872264
* http://pad.lv/805585
* http://pad.lv/863526
* http://pad.lv/864164
* http://pad.lv/873116
* http://pad.lv/947483
* http://pad.lv/900227


Robbie Williamson <robbie at ubuntu.com>

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