PSA: ~charmers is a team, not a quadrumvirate

Jorge O. Castro jorge at
Fri Mar 2 23:55:31 UTC 2012

Hi everyone,

Normally Mark Mims, Nick Barcet, Marco Ceppi, and Clint Byrum do a
great job handling incoming charm reviews. This past week we've been
hurting with Mark at Strata, Nick to holiday, Marco to launching his
own business, and Clint to other server team duties. Yet they're
powering on have been doing reviews.

There are 25 people in ~charmers:

I realize everyone has other duties (especially the core juju folks),
and so far we haven't "dropped" anything per se or had something be
ignored; I just want everyone to be cognizant that over time the
amount of charm contributions will only grow and we need to be

More importantly, I think i's always healthy to have multiple people
looking at a problem, lest we have these 4 getting in a rut, heh. It
wouldn't hurt to have a fresh set of eyes on things, and a
super-responsive project is something we should strive for. Clint's
promulgated 2 charms today, and we're up to 52 supported charms. Woo.
Expect me to be more annoying on the channel if we have outstanding
reviews that are over a day old. :)

And thanks to Nathan Osman for his continuing contributions to Ubuntu
and juju, have a good weekend folks!

Jorge Castro
Canonical Ltd.

(Trivia for the weekend: I didn't even know quadrumvirate was a real
word until just now.)

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