Juju 0.5.1 "galapgos" released

Clint Byrum clint at ubuntu.com
Wed Jun 27 16:57:08 UTC 2012

I've tagged trunk revision 543 as 0.5.1. This is a bugfix only release,
and shouldn't break backward compatibility with anything. The changelog
is included at the end of this message. Tarballs are available at

This opens the "honolulu" milestone for development, which will include
some new features, and may break backward compatibility with 0.5 in
some ways, and so will likely be versioned '0.6'.


0.5.1 Changelog:

  543 Kapil Thangavelu  2012-06-22 {galapagos, 0.5.1}
      [trivial] local provider disables password auth on containers

  542 Clint Byrum   2012-06-18
      fixes bug: https://launchpad.net/bugs/1007657 [trivial] Fix actual
      shell bug causing proposed to fail on local

  541 Clint Byrum   2012-06-17
      fixes bug: https://launchpad.net/bugs/1007657 [trivial] fix type-o
      in lxc juju-create script when origin is proposed

  540 Kapil Thangavelu  2012-06-06 [merge]
      merge maas-provider-non-mandatory-port, default ports are inferred
      by protocol. [a=julian-edwards][r=fwereade,hazmat][f=972829]

  539 Kapil Thangavelu  2012-05-30 [merge]
      [merge] show-errors-when-acquiring-node, use human
      error consumable error messages when no maas nodes are
      available. [a=julian-edwards][r=fwereade,hazmat][f=980855]

  538 Kapil Thangavelu  2012-05-29 [merge]
      [merge] proposed support, add support for using proposed repository
      pockets for main and universe as a source for juju if specified
      via juju-origin: proposed.  [r=clint-fewbar][f=926550]

  537 Kapil Thangavelu  2012-05-22 [merge]
      [merge] dont-proxy-https, update local provider apt-proxy config to
      passthrough for https repos. [a=davidpbritton][r=hazmat][f=993034]

  536 Kapil Thangavelu  2012-05-15
      [trivial] add relation topology check was only verifying one
      endpoint for user exc instead of topo exc [r=jimbaker]

  535 Jim Baker 2012-05-03 [merge]
      merge unit-rel-lifecycle-start-invoker [r=hazmat][f=992329]

      Ensure Invoker.start is called from UnitRelationLifecycle usage.

  534 Benjamin Saller   2012-05-03 [merge]
      Merge juju-log output fix [r=hazmat] [f=915506]

      juju-log in hooks uses the logging channels for IO and the command
      shouldn't output directly to stdout except in case of errors doing
      proper logging

  533 Kapil Thangavelu  2012-05-01 [merge]
      [merge][trivial] minimize zk logging, workaround local provider
      problems with restart, ie. filling disks [r=jimbaker][f=958312]

  532 Jim Baker 2012-04-24 [merge]
      merge relation-ids-whitespace-separated [r=hazmat][f=988065]

      [trivial] Default output format of relation-ids now uses newline
      to separate (so like relation-list), instead of defaulting to json.

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