Coordination: updating bug status regularly

Clint Byrum clint at
Tue Jan 17 20:16:31 UTC 2012

Excerpts from Gustavo Niemeyer's message of Tue Jan 17 11:44:05 -0800 2012:
> > For clarity, I started working on it properly today, having spent
> > yesterday familiarising myself with the Juju codebase. Ben's branch
> > was submitted for review last Monday.
> Thanks for the clarification Graham. Either way, you're right, we
> should coordinate better on these tasks.

I actually think in general the juju team has been pretty good at
attaching branches to bugs and making it quite clear when they are
working on a bug. The In Progress status would have been clearer, but
IMO, when there's a branch linked to a bug, its best to go examine that
branch before proceeding.

I don't think announcing on this list is necessary for coordination.. but
I do think everybody should be more careful to assign bugs to themselves
before working on them.

One aside, Gustavo, does lpad automatically assign the bugs it creates
to the creator?

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