Proposed API Change - Get default repo/namespace from environment variable.

Clint Byrum clint at
Wed Feb 29 00:56:40 UTC 2012

Excerpts from Gustavo Niemeyer's message of Tue Feb 28 15:32:01 -0800 2012:
> > I think we've discussed this before, but how does one infer the series
> > without the default-series in environments.yaml?
> Indeed, we did:
> The reasonable choices for bootstrapping an environment are either:
> a) The last LTS

Right, I love this option. The default-series requirement can go away once
we have an LTS that can run juju.. which should be in about 2 months. :)

We do have a chicken and egg problem here.. where we probably want the
version in the PPA to recommend oneiric as the more stable option for
bootstrapping today, but the day precise releases, we want all juju's
to be recommending precise... so perhaps the distro package should be
patched now, and then the PPA can land a change on release day?

> b) The Ubuntu running the juju command

This one is really controversial ambiguous in my mind. People will
conceivably run juju on Debian, OS X, and Natty even. None of those would
work with this. Also, I may have my laptop on Oneiric, but my workstation
on "Q". I really don't like the implications of this. The environment that
runs the juju cli tool has basically nothing to do with user intent. I
think just using the LTS will lead to the most positive user experience.

> After that, every other command should default to the series that
> originally bootstrapped the environment.
> > So, while I support getting rid of the hard requirement, I think the
> > user experience needs to be carefully changed to guide users to the
> > correct behavior they desire.
> Cool, so we're in agreement.
> > That said, I agree with your proposed solution, and don't think this
> > will be inviting conflicts. We simply should make it required in all
> > charm operations if it is not specified in environments.yaml or the
> > environment variable.
> I didn't propose that. No matter what we do, this command must
> continue to work out of the box:
>     juju deploy mongodb

What I was agreeing with was that the namespace needs to encompass the
scheme *and* the series.

I was pushing further down the line to a more short-term achievable
goal of softening the requirement in environments.yaml if the series is
set in the namespace environment variable. If we just make the default
'precise' then there's no need.

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