Proposed API Change - Get default repo/namespace from environment variable.

Kapil Thangavelu kapil.thangavelu at
Tue Feb 28 22:58:24 UTC 2012

Excerpts from Gustavo Niemeyer's message of 2012-02-28 17:47:09 -0500:
> On Tue, Feb 28, 2012 at 19:38, Kapil Thangavelu
> <kapil.thangavelu at> wrote:
> > Series is a little different. Its specified/required in the environments.yaml.
> Not really.. that was a temporary hack that must die before 12.04.
> Series is a property of the charm URL:
>     juju deploy cs:~kapil/oneiric/hadoop
> That's the way to deploy hadoop on Oneiric.
> > The other options here are just additional parameterization of existing cli
> > options.
> All of the default namespace, as proposed, is just parameterization of
> the namespace used in the command line. No further semantic changes
> are implied in addition to what was already agreed on.
> > ie. including series means collapsing two configuration items into a single
> Series is already a property of the charm URL, and that was the plan
> since we first discussed series. Are you just now realizing that? I'm
> a bit concerned now.

sigh.. no i realize that, but i wanted to reconcile with the hack, which as 
i noted originally is required atm. if we remove the hack then the conflict goes 
away. we'll need to land the constraints work first, and we can proceed with 


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