Persistence in charms

Brad Crittenden brad.crittenden at
Tue Feb 21 22:11:42 UTC 2012


For our work with the buildbot master charm we'd need the ability to save history before the master service is torn down and restore it when it is re-deployed.  I've been told there has been some discussion about direct support in Juju but I've not been able to find the threads.  A pointer to that discussion or a summary as to the plan would be very helpful.

I tried rolling my own store via scp but find there are too many pitfalls (key management, issues with ssh/scp and user identities, etc) and unattractive aspects.  I'm switching gears to provide persistence using boto to an S3-like store.

When running a non-local (ec2 or openstack) do charms have access to the access-key and secret-key?  Would it be possible, even for lxc deployments, to add support for an external store via the environments.yaml file that the charm can access?  Providing that configuration via the environments file would incur less exposure to secrets than putting them in a config file.



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