One-way communication in relation-get (was Re: Juju feedback from the Launchpad Yellow Squad)

Gary Poster gary.poster at
Wed Feb 15 19:43:43 UTC 2012

On 02/15/12 13:30, Graham Binns wrote:

>   * The one-way communication aspect of relation-set was surprising (so I
>     can relation-set foo=bar but I can never find out later on what I've
>     already told a relation about config options).
>     It would be great if there were a utility to retrieve whatever had
>     been sent to a relation. This would also be a nice way of caching
>     things for Charms :).

hazmat pointed out on IRC that this is possible now, and that 
"relation-get -h" gives some direction on how.  Putting "relation-get 
-h" and 
together, if you want to get the value for "mykey" that you set in a 
relation, you can use "relation-get mykey $JUJU_UNIT_NAME".

hazmat continued, "it needs  documentation, and it looks like it should 
be a switch so a key doesn't need to be specified."

Sounds good to me.


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